Up to 6 shades whiter
in 1 hour*

Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed Chairside Professional EU Compliant Whitening

Over a quarter of the UK adult population have had cosmetic treatments.1 The nation’s top teeth concern is yellow stained teeth. Worries about yellowing or stained teeth prey on the minds of four in ten adults, making cosmetic issues the most prevalent oral health concern.2

Philips Zoom! is chosen by millions – trusted by over 4 million patients worldwide already. The WhiteSpeed lamp in Philips Zoom! works to accelerate the whitening process.

* 6% Whitening Gel Efficacy Test, Data on File 2013.
1. British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists Survey 2007
2. Mintel Report 2011

Philips WhiteSpeed Chairside Lamp

The Science

The Philips Zoom! light-activated in-office whitening treatment uses cutting-edge technology to deliver impressive results.
See the Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed light in action.
We’ve made Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed better than ever:
  • Advanced, new LED light technology – approx. 50,000 hours of use
  • Variable intensity settings – allow you to customise treatment for sensitive patients
  • New programmes to help you quickly and easily integrate Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed into your surgery
The new LED light technology emits at the optimal light spectrum

100% greater light intensity than the closest competitor lamp1

No more refrigeration

The dual barrel system, unique to Philips Zoom!, means products do not require refrigeration

The optimal pH level for chemical reactions is around pH 7-9. Generally at this pH peroxide is unstable and therefore requires refrigeration. Philips Zoom! has developed a unique dual barrel system where the peroxide is held in a separate chamber at a stable pH of 4-5 without the need for refrigeration. This is then mixed with the ‘activator’ to raise the pH to 7-9 at point of use.

Making in surgery treatments easier

Packed in procedural order, you get all the supplies you need for every in surgery treatment in a single package with simplified visual instructions

Protection for patients with sensitive teeth

Philips Zoom! – The only brand to offer the power of 3

Philips Zoom! Chairside products contain:
  • ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate)
  • Potassium Nitrate
  • Fluoride
Clinically proven to:
  • Minimise sensitivity and help aid the remineralisation process after whitening
  • Minimise post-treatment fade back
  • Give teeth a lustrous, glossy sheen

Protection for patients with sensitive teeth:

How ACP works

Mode of action

Light-activated technology accelerates results – maximum results in minimal time

The shade of a patient’s teeth is the result of organic colour molecules within the otherwise whitish materials which make up the dentine and enamel. These molecules are coloured because they have sections called chromophores that absorb certain wavelengths of light, and reflect others.

The colour arises from a long chain of alternating carbon single and double bonds within the chromophore, which can absorb light energy. The length of this chain determines the colour that is absorbed – the longer the chain, the longer the wavelength which is absorbed, and the stronger the colour.

Applying hydrogen peroxide breaks double carbon bonds within the chromophore making the teeth appear whiter. This disruption of the double bonds in the chain disrupts the conjugation length, and it is now so short that the molecule appears colourless. The stains have in effect been “decolourised”.

The importance of basic colour theory
  • When light shines on an object some colours are reflected off the object and others are absorbed by it
  • Our eyes only see the colours that are reflected
  • Complementary colours on the colour wheel absorb the opposite colours light most strongly – so for example yellow absorbs blue

Chromophores in tooth stains absorb blue light, which is why they appear to be yellow/red.

Accelerated whitening results with the Philips Zoom! blue light

Since blue light is quite naturally absorbed by the yellow-red stains in the tooth, we make use of this energy in the whitening process. The electrons in the in chromophore are excited to a state of increased energy by the natural blue light absorbtion. “Excited” chromophores react with the hydrogen peroxide radicals far more rapidly and thoroughly than they would otherwise do, decolouring the molecule in much the same way, only much more effectively.

Note: these reaction steps effectively occur simultaneously

Using the WhiteSpeed lamp adds energy to the molecules, speeding up the reaction.

Sceptical?! - This photochemical principle is actually very similar to that used in standard blue light cured dental restoratives. In that case, added yellow pigments in the bonding resin absorb blue light in just the same way, but the light energy is now purposefully directed into reactions which cure the resin rather than into self-reaction with bleaching agent.

Impressive results fast!

*Li Y, et al. Data on File

Clinical support

To access copies of the clinical support for Zoom! WhiteSpeed Chairside Whitening please click on the links below.